The System.

One, people are good. Two, every conflict can be removed. Three, every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, is exceedingly simple. Four, every situation, can be substantially improved; even the sky is not the limit. Five, every person can reach a full life. Six, there is always a win-win solution…
— Epitaph of Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt (March 31, 1947 – June 11, 2011) “The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement”

The System is created by law.

Special taxes began as a way for local elected officials to give voters something they wanted with the perception that they wouldn’t pay. They’re used to pay for projects like professional sports stadiums or subsidies for profitable companies. Those lead to private profit. Data has shown it does not meet public needs.

The problem voters are told economic development subsidies fix changes depending on the audience. When the audience is people who want human stories or if the economy is bad, “economic development brings jobs.” When the audience is one that prefers to discuss things in financial terms, “economic development brings investment.” And most recently, “economic development brings upward mobility.”

Both assume a tax can be a free lunch. (There’s no such thing as a free lunch.) A special tax creates an organization that comes first because it agrees to one thing. It agrees to a public subsidy for profit… something we don’t all share.

It’s not intention.

It’s our special taxes.


Where do you fit in? Left vs Right. Democrat vs Republican. Liberal vs Conservative.

It’s human context vs financial context.

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To agree or not to agree. That is the question.

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The System defines “need.” Laws create special taxes that create organizations with a specific goal. The companies that benefit donate to elected officials and foundations.

People in poverty and their care-givers no longer define need.

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You’re targeted by media and campaigns based on your demographic. Companies win.

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Partner or Union?

Laws create special taxes that created organizations that exist to give tax dollars to private companies. If companies move to Charlotte due to the lack of unions, why give subsidize their overhead with tax dollars?

Why keep making the gap wider?

It’s law. It’s trickle-down. It failed.

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Charlotte’s response?

An untested assumption, a task force, new programs and policies. laid out the argument concerning Systemic Racism. The Mayor’s FY2019 and FY2020 budgets are based on it.

The System said the problem is Systemic Racism. It’s legal now.

What we need?

Investment. Teamwork.