It’s Teamwork.

Focus the resources we have.

There is no reason to believe that bureaucrats and politicians, no matter how well meaning, are better at solving problems than the people on the spot, who have the strongest incentive to get the solution right.
— Elinor Ostrom, Indiana University Distinguished Professor, 2009 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Level the Playing Field.

We want the same thing. Let’s invest the effective, efficient, permanent solution. Let’s target our investment of social, political, and financial capital.

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“You should talk to…”

Connect the “wrap-around” resources we already have as needed. As people age in place, so do their needs. It’s a platform for integrated, demand-driven service delivery, small business advancement, and job placement with no taxpayer overhead.

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“Investment brings jobs.”

Yes, you’re right. It’s “skin in the game.” Invest in the people who already live in the neighborhood as they create community while fostering small business advancement. Monetize social capital. It’s angel capital to give them a chance to become profitable.

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“It’s an equity issue.”

Yes, you’re right. Advocate for those with no voice first. It’s a platform for causes to ensure we follow through. Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

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Teams were important in America’s history - wagon trains conquered the West, men working together on the assembly line in American industry conquered the world, a successful national strategy and a lot of teamwork put an American on the moon first. But American mythology extols only the individual... In America, halls of fame exist for almost every conceivable activity, but nowhere do Americans raise monuments in praise of teamwork.
— Lester Thurow, Dean MIT-Sloan School of Management (May 7, 1938 – Mar 25, 2016). Depauw University Ubben Lecture Series, Spring 1990.